84 Young Women Who Were Trained In VETA By WIDAF Were Awarded Tools To Develop Their Skills

Young women who were facilitated by WILDAF, a non-governmental organization under the sponsorship of UNFPA and Embassy of Finland  in the technical institution (VETA) Shinyanga through different courses have been awarded technical tools by the organization worth over 23 Million Shillings to develop the skills they acquired from that Institution.

While speaking during the handing over of the tools the coordinator of the Program of ‘Chaguo Langu Haki Yangu’ Joyce Kessy stated that the greatest challenge that they still need to tackle is the lack of awareness of parents to take the initiative to cooperate and ensure that their children who went through early pregnancies get the education to develop themselves and achieve their goals, this is despite the changes that are there from the start of us selecting 84 young women who have completed and 50 who have already reported in the technical institution.
“We have taken 84 young women and for the second phase we have taken 50 young women, we expect to take 100 through VETA, all will be from Butiama, you will see that currently there are major changes”-Joyce Kessy.

While receiving the assistance some of the young women thanked WiLDAF for assisting them as many of them were living hard lives as a result of abuse, while some were unable to continue with their education due to family conflicts now, they are achieving their dreams by learning technical skills after which they received the technical tools which they saw as a great consolation as now they will be depending on themselves as they reach their full potential.

On the side of the District Commissioner teacher, Mosse Kaegele wanted the parents to stop their acts of violence against their children and to be part of assisting children when they face challenges while wanting them to utilize the opportunity made available by the organization to work in discipline and skill.