Strengthened women’s and young women’s participation in leadership and feminist movements.

WiLDAF has continued to work with the government, CSOs and development partners to promote women and girls’ effective participation in leadership and decision-making positions in both public and private institutions. During this reporting quarter, WiLDAF has utilized the landmark tabling of the Electoral and Political Affairs Bills to push for more gender responsive legal and institutional environment that supports women participation in the political processes.


On the same note, WiLDAF has intensified efforts to build strong network of feminist leaders with force to drive changes and promote gender equality. Through the CSOs Women Directors Forum, WiLDAF has rolled out training to feminist leaders as well as mentorship and coaching to promote intergenerational and peer learning for stronger and sustainable women movement. In addition to that, WiLDAF has continued documentation of the second volume of the herstory journal to celebrate and keep record of the remarkable journeys. The book also aims to inspire young and upcoming feminist leaders by learning from the previous generation.