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Community Dialogues about women’s human rights in Rungwe District.

A community dialogue activity was conducted to community members including; Mitaa Executive Officers (MEO), Local government leaders, community development offices, CSOs, Judiciary, Teachers, members from wards reconciliation board, students, Police Gender desk officers, Police prosecutor, social welfare officers, women entrepreneurs, ward executive officers and ordinary citizens. The participants came from seven wards of Rungwe district which were; Bulyaga, Msasani, Kawetele, Mpuguso, Bagamoyo, Katumba and Makandana. The community dialogue was held on 31st August to 2nd September, 2015 at D.M Hotel Tukuyu- Rungwe district. A total number of 99 participants (22 men and 77 women) were reached during this activity.

In the follow up of the discussions, WiLDAF realized that in most of the communities in Rungwe district, women are the ones who take the responsibility of caring for their families while men remain idle and jobless.This is the common violation of women’s human rights in Rungwe. Therefore WiLDAF will continue to raise awareness on women’s rights by involving men who can be the change agents in their respective communities.

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