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Conduct Community dialogue on women’s human rights issues.

Under this activity WiLDAF conducted a community dialogue on women’s human rights through a radio play series in Dodoma. A Play was developed by WiLDAF in collaboration with NIMUJO Art Group, and was aired by the community radio named Nyemo FM, the play was named ‘Mwanamke wa Dodoma ya sasa’ with the aim to liberate her from oppressive customs, gender violence including early marriage, cleansing and blessing of widows and female genital mutilation. The play was aired twice per week from July 2017 to December 2017.

Through this activity, there are number of achievements stumbled during and after the play it include educating the general community and taking action.

  • It has rescue number of women who does not know their rights, by save vulnerable women from genital mutilation practice. This has been observed on the number of community member seeking for legal assistance.
  • A total number of 2.2 million people in Dodoma have been reached by the play in Dodoma region.
  • It has reviled the effects of child marriage / pregnancies including issues of cleansing and blessing of widows things of which are not health to the community of Dodoma.
  • It has empowered the families to take their children to school without any gender discrimination. It can be reminded that education is a key in life; and thus education to children will enable them to become professionals in different fields who will prosper the country to middle economic country; and further, enable the society to become economic independent.

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