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Consultancy On The Development Of Domestic Violence And Law Of Marriage Act Cap 29 R: E 2019 Policy Briefs

Consultancy on the Development of Domestic Violence and Law of Marriage Act Cap 29 R: E 2019 Policy briefs

The Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF), Tanzania Chapter, is an institutional grantee of the Data Data-Driven Advocacy (DDA) project. The DDA project is funded by USAID. It is jointly implemented by the Freedom House (FH) and Pact Tanzania. It is a five-year project which aimed at improving and sustaining Tanzanian rights-focused civil society’s ability to advocate for, and influence policy on, key national-level human rights issues using better data and information to drive results. The project supports local CSOs through different types of grants; technical support; coaching; and, mentoring.

WiLDAF is responsible for convening and coordinating the working group two (WG2) on women, children, youth, and Persons with disabilities (PWDs) rights, which is comprised of 14 members, all being civil society organizations (CSOs) working on human rights rights-related fields.  

Tanzania is one of the countries which has a high prevalence of Gender-Based Violence which includes Child marriage and Domestic Violence. While the extensive commitment of the government to address GBV there is a lack of policies and laws that address the issues of child marriage and domestic violence. We all have had the famous Court of appeal ruling that required the government to amend The Law of Marriage Act, to prohibit girls from being married at the age of 15 and 14 respectively.

The Data from the Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey, (TDHS) showed that 37% of women between the age of 20-24 were married before they turn 18. This proposes that out of 5 girls 2 will be married before they turn 18.

Besides Tanzania has no Domestic Violence Act, that addresses all kinds of violence happening in homes such as IPV, and also there are no mechanisms that ensure timely justice for intimate partners who are subjected to violence.  The survey indicates that half of all ever-married women have ever experienced violence from their spouses. Most commonly physical 39%, emotional 36%, and sexual 14%.

Violence against women and girls has detrimental and long-lasting consequences to the well-being, health, and safety of women and girls, along with economic consequences, effects on educational outcomes, and impact on the productivity and development of societies and countries.

To advocate for the policy change that promotes women and children right, WiLDAF intends to develop Domestic violence and ending child marriage policy briefs that will provide a basis for advancing the legislative framework for ending domestic violence and child marriage in Tanzania respectively. These Policy Briefs will be useful as advocacy tools/documents in engaging the parliament, government committees, and ministries responsible.

In light of the aforementioned, WiLDAF  seeks a consultant to develop a policy brief on shaping domestic violence and Child Marriage legislation

For More Information Please open the link: TOR POLICY BRIEFS

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