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Consultancy service to Document Stories of Change in video format and publication of the Voice Grantees

WiLDAF through the generous support from Voice-Tanzania is implementing a VOICE(s) Connected & Amplified! Project as a Tanzania Linking and Learning facilitator. The project aims to boost collaboration, connectedness, sharing, listening, learning, innovation and application of new knowledge as well as to produce evidence, learning and innovative solutions to catalyze transformative change for the most marginalized and discriminated groups.

Through the program, WiLDAF acts as a facilitator of VOICE grantee working on amplifying voices of the marginalized groups to include; People living with disabilities; Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence; Age-discriminated vulnerable groups, notably the young and elderly; and Indigenous groups and ethnic minorities. As a facilitator, WiLDAF has been tasked not only to create and organize linking and learning activities and platforms e.g. creating space for public debate but also to leverage on her rich experience to document learnings, success stories and project results. In pursuit of that particular goal, WiLDAF is now intending to document stories of change of eight (8) Voice phase I and II funded project implemented in Dar es Salaam (4 grantees), Morogoro (1 grantee), Mwanza (2 grantees) and Musoma (1 grantee). The documented stories of change meant to share experience and learning in amplifying rightsholders’ voices.

For more information please click the link: Documentation Pt 3-Terms of Reference

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