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Accessibility to Justice Among Women and Girls

We believe that every Tanzania citizen has the right to access and seek justice, since this is a fundamental right guaranteed under article 13 of the Constitution of 1977.


Advocacy for the Enactment of Gender Sensitive Policies and Laws

Our advocacy role is to promote, monitor and ensure that the government is taking action to reinforce the commitments made during the ratification of a number of international conventions, which safeguard, promote and protect the rights.

Through advocacy WiLDAF managed to:

  • Facilitate the review of the Police Form Number 3
  • Review the guideline for the establishment of the Police Gender and Children desks
  • Facilitate the review of the National Health Policy
  • Facilitate the review of the Discriminatory Laws of Inheritance
  • Successful enactment of the Legal Aid Act 2017

Scale Up Awareness of Women Rights to Reduce Violence Against Women and Children

Increased awareness of human and women rights is important in Tanzania in order to reduce violence against women and children incidences, improve welfare of women and communities as well as for the social change.


Women Political and Economic Empowerment

Inclusion of women in the leadership position and decision making machineries is quite important for the development and sustainability of our country.


Promotion of Primary Health

Our focus here is to ensure that women access health related services in order for the health and well-being improved.


Institutional Strengthening

Institutional support is extremely important aspect and tool for longer-term sustainability through a proper monitoring and evaluation of programmatic undertakings. To sustain an organizational base as well as excellent programmatic performance institutional strengthening is key for it serves as the pivotal role where all strategic functions are coordinated and delivered.

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