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“After the WiLDAF training, women are now slowly standing up at individual, family and community level. Women are speaking up, participating meaningfully, and being given leadership positions. The social norms that existed in the past are slowly melting and reducing that
impacted the role of women in leadership. Men are now slowly accepting that women can contribute effectively regarding household decisions.”

Margaret Charles Kayanga, Wanawake Sasa Champion

Men have really been sensitized regarding Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV). This is the main barrier to women’s development and leadership. WiLDAF and other organizations have supported us to campaign regarding WLPP and SGBV. Many men are not able to accept to share the proceeds of the sale of produce, but now, this is changing. A married woman as leader has brought about much change especially at the family level.”

saack Kalungu Saalum, Wanawake Sasa Paralegal Champion.

 ” I have been honored and recognized by my community members for the work I am doing in the community especially on solving legal and gender based violence issues and I have been appointed to be a member of the Land Tribunal in our village land council. The knowledge WiLDAF gave me during the trainings of establishing paralegal units has really bearded some fruits as it is the knowledge I use on my day to day duties.”

Ms. Dorica Ngaina- Kongwa Paralegal.

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