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Rescue a girl who got married. (One hour after marriage!).

Following the corona pandemic, the government decided to close the schools to prevent further spread of COVID-19.  However, some parents took advantage of the situation. This has happened during the campaign whereby WiLDAF were informed about the plan at Kitunda area, where a girl of about 17 years old who is in secondary school is getting married.


WiLDAF reported the incidence in the police Gender Desks (PGD) at Stakishari Police Station. In collaboration with the police officers and a good Samaritan who reported the incidence, WiLDAF managed to arrest the man alleged as a husband and parent who facilitated the marriage, one hour after the incidences happened.


WiLDAF and Social Welfare took the girl to a safe House in Kurasini, pending the case to be instituted by the office of Director of Public Prosecution.


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