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Terms Of Reference (ToR) For A Consultancy On The Development Of Policy Brief Mainstreaming Of Disability Rights In Financial Policies And Plan.

Terms of Reference (ToR) for a Consultancy on the Development of Policy Brief Mainstreaming of Disability Rights in Financial Policies and Plan.

Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF), Tanzania Chapter, is an institutional grantee of the Data-Driven Advocacy (DDA) project. The DDA project is funded by USAID. It is jointly implemented by Freedom House (FH) and Pact Tanzania. It is a five-year project which aimed at improving and sustaining Tanzanian rights-focused civil society’s ability to advocate for, and influence policy on, key national-level human rights issues using better data and information to drive results. The project supports local CSOs through different types of grants; technical support; coaching; and, mentoring.

WiLDAF is responsible for convening and coordinating the working group two (WG2) on women, children, youth, and Persons with disabilities (PWDs) rights, which is comprised of 14 members, all being civil society organizations (CSOs) working on human rights rights-related fields.

It was clearly presented that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), 2006 and the Law of persons with disabilities Act of 2010 have the specific provisions, which requires the state and its agencies to ensure that persons with disabilities are included in policy and plans.

Notwithstanding the noted measures undertaken by the government to ensure that there is no disability-based discrimination as it stipulate in the disability legal framework and in the National Development Vision 2025, a number of challenges highlighted including, the law requirements of drafting the disability inclusion programs have not been fully implemented, Lack of Sectoral plans, which were supposed to be prepared by key Ministries outlining on how to mainstream disability in their specific sectors, Low capacity of persons with disabilities in monitoring the preparation and implementation of government policies and programs, full inclusion of persons with disability in financial policy and plans, establishment of policy and plans that enable person with disability’s economic growth and nonexistence of monitoring strategy and plan to guide originations of persons with disabilities and their collaborators.

To advocate for the policy change that promotes disabilities right, WiLDAF intends to develop policy brief on mainstreaming of disabilities rights in financial policies and plans. These Policy Brief will be useful as advocacy tools/documents in engaging the parliament, government committees, and ministries responsible in achieving the desired results.

In light of the aforementioned, WiLDAF seeks a consultant to develop a policy brief on mainstreaming of disability rights in financial policy and plans in Tanzania.

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