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Terms of Reference (ToR) for consultancy on the Development of WiLDAF Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) Tanzania is a Pan-African women’s right network strategically link law and development to improve the lives of women and girls in Tanzania. Established in 1997, with the essence of increasing women’s participation and influence at the community, national, regional and international levels in order to enhance the protection and promotion of their rights.
WiLDAF Tanzania envisions an inclusive society where men and women equally share, access and benefit from the resources and opportunities for their wellbeing and community at large.
The mission of WiLDAF Tanzania is enhancing a sustainable network for the promotion of respect of women’s human rights through advocacy, dissemination and observance of national and international standards.
The core program of WiLDAF include among others: Combating Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC), Improving the Rule of Law, Access to Justice Democracy and Good Governance, Increase Participation of Women in Leadership and Decision Making, Women Economic Empowerment including access to resources and opportunities, Maternal Health and Morbidity; and Networking.


WiLDAF Tanzania is coming to the close of its 5 years Strategic Plan which has been under implementation from 2016-2021, specifically expected to cease in December 2021. This strategic plan presents WiLDAF strategic directions for the past five years from 2016 to 2021. It responds to the emerging needs and opportunities to advance women’s rights and their status based on WiLDAF past experiences and achievements. It also observes the international and national policies focus in achieving gender equality and women empowerment and particularly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
At the international level, the UN under the Sustainable Development Goals in particular goal five (5) urges members’ states to achieve gender equality and empowerment of women and girls by the year 2030. At the national level, this strategic plan observes policy commitments and goals set out in the vision 2025, National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women and Children 2017/18 – 2021/22 (NPA-VAWC) and other policy documents intended to protect the rights of women and children.
Over the last five years of implementing this Strategic Plan, WiLDAF witnessed the positive changes, in terms of policies, infrastructures and services to promote and protect women’s rights in Tanzania. The changes include, among others, increased commitment from the Government and other stakeholders to eliminate violence against women and children through the roll out of NPA-VAWC 2017/18-2021/2; Enactment of Legal Aid Act, 2017 to increase access to justice amongst marginalized citizen in particular women; Establishment and Strengthening of Police Gender and Children Desks (PGCD) and One Stop Centres to increase access to essential services amongst GBV survivors; Establishment of Gender Macro Working Group under the Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) to coordinate gender mainstreaming across sectorial ministries and agencies.
However, as far as women’s rights and gender equality are concerned, women in Tanzania still face some challenges. These include among others; contradictions of law and policy framework on women and children; Prevalence of Violence against Women and Children (VAWC); Low representation and participation of women in leadership as well as economic participation as many women cannot access large capital, big loans and economic support to empower them economically.
It is in this respect that WiLDAF seeks to commission the services of experienced consultants /consulting firms to lead the process of developing a new strategic plan 2022-2026 with its requisite business strategy to support the progressive transformation that WiLDAF has experienced and wishes to sustain into the future.

For More Information Please click the link : WiLDAF TOR for SP

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