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Training of Matrons and Patrons in Mbeya, Njombe and Kilimanjaro

On 16th and 17th February 2022, WiLDAF conducted refresher training to 24  Shule Salama Matrons and Patrons from 12 schools in Mbeya, Njombe and Kilimanjaro was conducted. Shule Salama Clubs is an initiative by WiLDAF through Mwanamke Imara Project which seek to support Thematic Area Number 7: Safe School of the National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women Children (NPA-VAWC). At Shule Salama Clubs we build capacities of parents and teachers to collaboratively work together to design and implement solutions geared toward preventing and responding to violence among school children. In addition to that, through innovative learning approaches and methodologies, we engage with school children to strengthen their understanding on violence and reporting channels. The program is designed in a unique way to promote peer learning and support to expand knowledge beyond the project circle.

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