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WiLDAF is committed to ensure that women in marginalized community access justice. We have established Sauti ya jamii- Kipunguni Paralegals in Ilala -Dar Es Salaam, Mwitazaje Paralegal in Kongwa-Dodoma, Sulungai Paralegals in Bahi- Dodoma and Wakiru Paralegals in Rungwe- Mbeya. Our Paralegals units have been working with the communities by providing legal empowerment which includes legal aid services, education sensitization of Women’s Human Rights, Preparation and commemoration of women forums such as the International Women day and the 16 Days of Activism Campaign which creates women human rights awareness within the communities in which the paralegals units are located. I addition our paralegals have been serve as a liaison with the government and other stakeholders.

Though their advocacy work, thousands and millions of communities have been reached and access rights.

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