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Women's Rights are Human Rights


Data Driven Advocacy (DDA) Supported by PACT & FREEDOM HOUSE UNDER USAID

The DDA project seeks to bring together civil society organizations working on women, youth, children and people with disabilities right issues and build their capacity to generate and use data to drive advocacy agenda. The intention is to build the capacity of these CSOs to engage the Government in a professional manner that will result into policy and regulatory framework change for improved lives of the targeted population. The broader objective of the DDA therefore is to sustain Tanzanian rights-focused civil society ability to advocate for, and influence policy change on key national level human rights issues using data and evidence to drive results.

Wanawake Sasa Project Supported by UN WOMEN

Wanawake Sasa Project seeks to expand the democratic space for women to participate in the Leadership and decision making organ. The project targets traditional leaders, religious leaders, influential leaders and community members at large by mobilizing communities to tackle non-equitable social and gender norms and create champions that nurture equitable behavior. Wanawake Sasa project mobilizes communities to support women into leadership positions through strengthening of networks in the communities; the project will build a critical mass of community members to support women and empower them to participate in leadership and decision making organs.


Wanawake na Ajira Project Supported by Legal Service Facility (LSF))

The project aims at improving the quality of life for women, youth and girls who are working and/or employed in industries. This is through empowering and working together with stakeholders and duty bearers in the industries sector to ensure women labour rights are well enforced and protected.

Wanawake na Ajira-project’s interventions are timely and highly needed to mitigate and reduce the incidences of Injustices or Violence Against Women, Girls and Youth in the industries while taking into consideration the government vision of attaining middle income and industrialization country on one hand and support the implementation of the National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women and Children- 2017/18-2021/22 (NPA-VAWC).

Wanawake Sasa Project Supported by African Women’s and Development Fund (AWDF)

Wanawake Sasa project seeks to expand democratic space, inclusive governance and equal participation of women in Tanzania, specifically in the regions of Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Arusha and Zanzibar. The program targeted young women, women engaged in political party to actively participate in leadership and decision making and influence agenda which call for gender equality, empowerment and non-discrimination.

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