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As a networking Organization which envisioned seeing a society which observes Women Human Rights, WiLDAF has not hesitated to support Legal Aid Clinics to reach women on accessing justice. It has worked hand in hand with the Centre for Women and Children Assistance (CWCA) in Mara, Organization for Women Empowerment (OWE) in Lindi, Rungwe Women and Orphans Centre (RUWOCE) in Mbeya, Tanzania Women and Children Welfare Centre (TWCWC) and Mwanayamala Legal Aid Centre in Dar Es Salaam. Through such support WiLDAF has touched lives of   marginalized citizens in accessing justice in a quality and in a timely manner.

Centre for Widows and Children Assistance (CWCA – Mara

CWCA provide legal aid to the poor indigenous women, widows and children who cannot afford to hire private advocates in the market.

Organization for Women Empowerment (OWE) – Lindi

OWE became as the voice of women at Lindi there so many women who comes to report cases concerning domestic violence, rape, probate, multmonial property and most of them at the end of their cases the win.

Rungwe Women and Orphans Centre (RUWOCE) – Mbeya

RUWOCE is providing Legal Aid within Rungwe district particularly to the women and orphans and to other groups freely.

Women and Children Welfare Centre (TWCWC)Dar es Salaam

TWCWC is located in Temeke district, Dar es Salaam. It presents an important mission in increasing the capacity of women to appeal for their rights.

Mwananyamala Legal Aid Unity – Dar es Slaam
Mwananyamala Legal Aid Unity is a core department within our organization that deal with provision of legal aid, consultation, counseling and legal advices to community members based on all areas of law in Tanzania particularly on matters of Civil in nature; the same may include matters of Marriage, Probate and administration of estate, Contract, Land, Employment, Business, Intellectual Property and so forth.
Further, Our legal aid unity also help the community to get rid off all bad custom and cultural practices that tarnish human rights, reputation and dignity especially to women and children; and thus we are dealing with cases/matters of Gender based violence and Violence against child, GBV and VAC respectively.

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