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Launching of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign
National Dialogue to End GBV to Women with Disability
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Together We Can End Gender Based Violence

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Legal Aid

 ” I have been honored and recognized by my community members for the work I am doing in the community especially on solving legal and gender based violence issues and I have been appointed to be a member of the Land Tribunal in our village land council. The knowledge WiLDAF gave me during the trainings of establishing paralegal units has really bearded some fruits as it is the knowledge I use on my day to day duties.”

Ms. Dorica Ngaina- Kongwa Paralegal.

I was raised by a single mother and only met my father as an adult. Growing up in my home, the leader was a woman so I always had this drive to ensure that women are treated fairly,  that both women and men have equal rights.

 Zamoyoni George Malolo

I was never a believer that a woman can be a leader after WiLDAF offered us training on women’s participation in leadership, I was educated and inspired I then, advised my wife to take the contest form, she is now a member of the village government ”.

Religious leader, Urambo.

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