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Call For Consultancy

Call For Consultancy

WiLDAF under the support from Women Fund Tanzania- Trust intends to develop a GBV Monthly Bulletin in order to produce evidence based as well as to disseminate information about GBV in the country.  This GBV Monthly Bulletin will be a useful tool to collect data on GBV incidences, to share success stories, strategies and approaches to end violence against women in Tanzania. from the period of march to September, 2020.

As we are all aware, GBV is a violation of human rights and a health issue which remains a bigger challenge and an impediment to gender equality, women empowerment and attainment of the sustainable development goals.

Data from the Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey, (TDHS) showed that 37% of women between the age of 20-24 were married before they turn 18. This proposes that out of 5 girls 2 will be married before they turn 18.

The same survey indicates that, half of all ever-married women have ever experienced violence from their spouse. Most commonly physical 39%, emotional 36% and sexual 14%.

Violence against women and girls has detrimental and long lasting consequences to the well-being, health and safety of women and girls, along with economic consequences, effects on educational outcomes, and impact on the productivity and development of societies and countries.

While extensive commitment to respond to, and prevent violence against women and children has occurred at all levels, many women and children have insufficient mechanisms for information access and dissemination on GBV which create hard times to those living in marginalized places and who do not possess adequate gadgets for information and communication such as smart phones, TVs and radios.  Inadequate education/awareness on GBV, CSO’s funding challenges and prolonged path to obtain permission to undertake such programs which may practically compliment Government’s effort and Limited GBV services to GBV survivors.

It is on this basis that WiLDAF intends to develop GBV Monthly Bulletin to report GBV incidences to inform and to access services among the victims. The Bulletin will enable network members to have joint advocacy campaign activities, include; preparing policy recommendations, developing briefs based on data collected by members and/ or convening regular round table with government officials.

In this regard, WiLDAF is now seeking for a consultant to develop GBV Monthly Bulletin to feature work done by GBV Mkuki members in preventing and responding to GBV.

Click the link for more information: TOR GBV APP

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