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Call For Consultancy

Call for Consultancy


Assignment: Consultancy to Conduct Mapping of Stakeholders and Needs Assessment for “Wanawake na Ajira” Project.


Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) Tanzania is a non-profit organization, established since 1997. It is a part of a large Pan-African women’s right network dedicated to promoting and strengthening strategies that link law and development in order to increase women’s participation and influence at the community, national, regional and international level in order to enhance the protection and promotion of their rights.

The overall goal of WiLDAF is to improve the status of women’s human rights and promote socio-economic development in Tanzania. The mission is to enhance a sustainable network for the promotion of respect of Women’s Human Rights through advocacy, dissemination and observance of national, regional and international standards.

The core program of WiLDAF include among others: Combating Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC), Improving the Rule of Law, Access to Justice Democracy and Good Governance, Increase Participation of Women in Leadership and Decision Making, Women Economic Empowerment including access to resources and opportunities, Maternal Health and Morbidity; and Networking.

For more information click the link TORs Wanawake na Ajira Mapping


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