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WiLDAF Tanzania – for women’s better life.

We are one of 26 existing chapters, working as Pan African women’s rights network which is dedicated to promoting and strengthening strategies that link law and development to increase women’s participation and influence at the community, national, region and international levels.

In Tanzania, existing since 1997; WiLDAF has been implementing a number of projects and has made an impressive performance during the past years, and has also been working hard to improve its performance. WiLDAF has noted the campaign against gender violence nationally, establishing and strengthening Model Legal Aids Clinics in the country, championing the establishment of Legal Aid Secretariat (TANLAP) through coordination of several organisations providing legal aid services, researching and publicising on gender based violence and outdated laws of inheritance, lobbying and advocacy for change of bad policies and laws, strengthening of the emergence response system to violation of women rights in the country, among others.

For purposes of accomplishing its mission, WiLDAF engages and is committed to a range of programmes. The 2011 – 2015 strategic plan of WiLDAF seeks to consolidate its previous work and strengthen its programmes. The vision, mission, key objectives of WiLDAF in the next five years have been reviewed and refined to deliver successfully better programmes with greater impact by 2015.

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