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Consultancy service to Develop Advocacy Communication Strategies for the CSOs Women Directors Forum

WiLDAF is looking for a consultant who will develop the Advocacy Communication Strategy for the CSOs Women Directors Forum.

Under the support from the Women Fund Tanzania Trust (WFT), WiLDAF is coordinating CSOs Women Directors Forum which among other things aims at strengthening CSOs Women Leaders Platform so as to build and revitalize women movement in Tanzania.

The forum is needed to improve leadership, learning, growth and sustaining of the Women Movement in Tanzania.

Developing a CSOs Women Directors Advocacy Strategy, will help to have common advocacy strategy and form the solid ground for solidarity towards a common goal of promoting women’s rights and gender equality.  CSOs Women Directors Advocacy Communication Strategy will embrace feminist principles to ensure it is embedded within individual and activist’s advocacy works.

For more information please click the link Terms of reference CSO Women Directors

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