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Launching of the Wanawake Wakurugenzi (WAWA) Mentorship Program

The CSOs Women Directors Forum (CWF) recognizing the value of mentoring devised a robust formal mentorship program that will equip young and old CSO Women Directors with specified leadership skills, increase self-confidence, improve emotional intelligence, and navigate gender-specific obstacles and thus achieve gender equality advancement. This mentorship program was therefore called Wanawake Wakurugenzi (WAWA) Mentorship program.

Its launching followed a successful online kick off meeting held on 11th August, 2022 where mentors and mentees were introduced to the program and given the opportunity to develop their respective action plans.

The WAWA Mentorship Program aims at;

  • Increasing number of women directors in the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) sector
  • Strengthening institutional capacity on leadership in women led CSOs.
  • Creating effective and successful succession plan for the sustainability of women led organizations.
  • Strengthening and revitalize vibrant women movement in Tanzania.
  • Strengthening linkages on existing opportunities among women led CSOs in innovation and technological advancement

The launching also involved the signing of agreements between mentors and mentees.

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